We are BackSceneArt and our job is to create photographic backgrounds, the ones that your image needs to be perfect. And we have thought of everything and everyone. Whether you have a studio or not, if you want to buy or rent, our backgrounds are designed for you.

These backgrounds are made with the utmost care, both printed and handmade. We believe that when tradition and craftsmanship go hand in hand with the most advanced technology, the result is fantastic. With that philosophy, we create our backgrounds and photography props for all the world.

We know that the perfect picture, the picture you have in mind, is the result of many elements, in Backsceneart we want to be the visual element that complements you, that helps you carry out that idea, with the highest quality and in the most simple way.




We recommend that you look at some of the following photographs. We are convinced that they will serve as a good example of inspiration for your campaigns.


photography backdrops

photographic archives
photographic backgrounds are a fundamental element in studio photography. Whether it is to set the model’s mood or to convey a commercial idea, the photographic background must be compulsory in any top-level studio.
We have as many photographic backgrounds as the needs of the photographers in their studios, covering and making available for rent or sale of all types of props for photographers, as professional photographic backgrounds are essential in any study.
Photo backgrounds in plain colours, prints or with any motif you need for your photographs. At the same time we have all the textures you need, whether they are fabrics or vinyl. The photographic backgrounds are going to give the plus that your studio photography needs to reach a higher level.
Los photographic backgrounds are a mobile element that changes continuously in the studio, since they allow us to create in an instant very different scenes adapted to each work, giving the background a prominence with which the photography gains many points.
We offer high quality photographic backgrounds, very durable and with all kinds of finishes so that when you place your order you have everything in your shopping cart before your secure payment, including the most common types of media.
Bacsceneart offers you this type of backgrounds (except for typographical errors or changes in stock):
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Photo backgrounds are a tool for photographers that will significantly increase the volume of work as well as the quality of the work itself, since good photo backgrounds will give a much higher quality in the photo studios.
It is not in vain that the rental of atrezzo for photographers together with the photo backgrounds are the necessary step to become part of the TOP studio photographers, with the plus that means being able to use high quality photo backgrounds in the studio works. Outdoor work depends on environmental conditions, such as the light of the moment, but if you want to be the best photographer you have to have high quality photographer’s props.

The professional photographer when looking for photographic backgrounds does so knowing that the quality of their work will be much more appreciated, since the fact of the changing environment of the studio is many times only dependent on the photographic backgrounds they rent in backstage.
This website is the best in the year 2020 to decide to change your photographic backgrounds, either with the purchase of props for photographers or if on the contrary the photographer chooses to rent backgrounds for photography. Either option for a professional photographer is just as positive.
The creative options for a professional photographer who decides to expand the photo backgrounds are very large, affecting very importantly the benefits of renting funds for photography, as the study and professional books. The photo backgrounds we offer on our website are of the highest quality you can find on the Internet.

We have a large stock and a lot of variety in all kinds of sizes at your disposal in the best qualities, so call us as soon as possible to reserve your photographic backgrounds, of the size you need and for the time it takes to do your studies.
With our photographic backgrounds you can easily create new atmospheres and give your photographs a professional look that would otherwise not be possible, since with a good background and good lighting you will achieve spectacular effects that your clients will value with a 5 star rating.
We have all the TOP of photographic backgrounds so that you don’t have to look any further and that BackSceneArt’s items satisfy all the needs of professional photographers to complete their work in the studio in an incredible way, without the need to make large economic outlays, as we offer you the rental of photographic backgrounds or all kinds of props for photographers.
Si what you need is a KIT that contains the photographic backgrounds as well as the necessary supports to mount them, we also have that option so that we can quickly send it to your studio once you have formalized the order, with articles in stock so that the delivery times are immediate and without waiting.
As we have so much variety in photographic backgrounds you will be able to choose from many different materials and colours, with printed backgrounds to give your photographs a specific appearance or a folding one if you work in other places besides the studio. We also have folding and roll photo backgrounds to adapt them to the size the photographer needs.
Buy now your backgrounds in kneecap, for communion photography, newborn photography or for children’s sessions. Buy now the size you need with several different cuts adapted to the type of study you want to do with our photographic funds.
rental of photographic backgrounds
The photographic backgrounds are a fundamental part of any photographic study, since these are what can be observed around the main character, this background presents a depth, gives prominence to the main element immersed in each photograph.

It is therefore necessary that, at the time of taking a photo, the background that will be used for it is carefully studied, as this will allow a realistic and beautiful approach to what is being done.
There are many photographic backgrounds of different types and styles, among them we can mention the hand-painted photographic backgrounds, backgrounds for gastronomic photography, backgrounds for children’s photography, backgrounds for baptismal photography as well as backgrounds for professional communion photos.
One of the options that a photographer has at hand is the vinyl photography background, which are intended to reduce as much as possible the reflections of flashes and any other light that may appear at the time of taking the photo.
In addition to the above, it can be mentioned that the vinyl photographic backgrounds you decide to work with must be of the highest possible quality, that is to say, you will not have to worry about wrinkles, as is the case with traditional photographic canvas backgrounds, which tend to wrinkle and ruin the images taken.
So it’s your time to make the best photos, thanks to the vinyl photo background, which gives the best finish to your photos.
If you want to be in tune with the Christmas season, you can’t miss taking a photo with this motif, for which you can make some impact photos with the help of the photographic backgrounds, you can’t leave out the Christmas backgrounds for the photo studio, in which you can use the backgrounds for gastronomic photography with the typical Christmas food, to give an example.
También you will be able to use the hand-painted photographic backgrounds, which will give the photos a unique, original and extremely surprising touch, no matter the place or the person to whom the photo is taken, photos with designs alluding to the best holidays of the year.
You just have to let your imagination fly and use the best backdrop for photo studio, you can make use of folding backgrounds for photography represent a good alternative when you want to give a Christmas touch to the photos with the photographic backgrounds.

The concern to obtain a perfect photograph has become a necessity, above all because they transmit a great amount of feelings expressed in the form of art, in fact each social real is oriented precisely in exposing each personal shot as a true artist.
However, in order to fulfill this need, several characteristics must be taken into account, such as photographic backgrounds, since they represent a high degree of usefulness within any project, besides, having this topic covered ensures that the scene can be a splendid portal.
It highlights any scene with beautiful photographic backgrounds and is that a real perfect picture keeps covered any standard, so it becomes a priority to maintain good photographic backgrounds.
They must be widely combined with the predominant style of any shot, as well as being a very tempting element for every viewer.
photographic background paper
Imposing conditions within a photograph is a very emotional practice, where it is basically a matter of coinciding with a desire for representation that is within reach of the physical elements that can obtain some artistic value, such as being able to give it a function within a scene.
Adornar a splendid scene with photographic backgrounds helps in the staging of a photograph, which is nothing more than a complete coordination to join all the elements that strengthen the image, to place everything in the same space suitable to take any kind of capture, so it is relevant to be able to make an effort inspired by an idea.
The use or application of photographic backgrounds, can be understood as an efficient answer, since having covered the theme of the environment only remains the contrast of each object and the protagonist himself, as if it were to assemble a team, in this same way a perfect image is built.
When a photographer’s inspiration comes up, obtaining each one of the elements he needs becomes a real impulse, that is, what is inside his hands is being able to sculpt a scene that is highly related to what he has in mind, accumulating the best conditions to propitiate with photographic backgrounds.
The knowledge, without a doubt, ends up being the greatest strength to be able to choose the type of background, how to use it, that is to say, to be able to carry out actions that contribute to make everything fit in a wide way, it is what adds sense to the realization of the photography using photographic backgrounds, to be able to obtain an incidence in the establishment of a perfect scene.
Not any background goes hand in hand with the theme, so you must create your own for each occasion, everything obeys the same pattern of photographs, or at least can be reinvented by a stamp of their own, but without leaving these classic touches, as this is what ends up giving life to any scene.

The effort is oriented precisely in being able to carry out each election based on the combination of a situation, along with the accessories as they are the photographic bottoms or aesthetic complements with which it counts on a photographer, with the intention of being able to increase of significant form the impact of a photography for each one of the spectators.
photographic vinyl background
The functions that lead to the use of photographic backgrounds are several, they are mentioned below:
– It helps to constitute the volume of the space where the main subject is, there is a very close relationship between the distance, the subject and the background, that is to say the greater the distance the greater the space.
– It achieves the perfect visualization of the subject, there must be an adequate contrast in this background with the intention of not deviating or losing the enhancement of the subject, in the same way this background must not be exaggerated since, the subject can be lost, from the view of the one who observes it.
– Something very important is that the photographic background will define or determine the environment or atmosphere of the place.
The photographic studio background is usually used to improve a photo, on the contrary, taking a photographic studio photo requires the use of certain special backgrounds to be used in a closed or internal place. There is a great variety of studio backgrounds and depending on the photograph you are going to take it is important to select a correct photo studio background.
In several occasions the photographic studio background is not the suitable one and this will affect notably the result of the session that we are realizing helped of photographic backgrounds and as good professionals of the photography we must buy backgrounds of photography that help us to obtain the results that we are looking for.

Photographic background paper is good to use, there are many cheap materials that you can use and with really amazing results, such as the photographic background wood or hand-painted photographic background, paper backgrounds.
The importance or aesthetic care says a lot about a photographer, in fact it’s his triumphant opportunity to be able to demonstrate his ability to be behind a camera, taking on the challenge of bringing a scene to life so that it can acquire the life or that spark to be a potential place to get the best face of a place or situation.
The wonders of a scene reside in the focus that can be made, that is to say, the mixture of desire and creativity ends up being the best impulse to achieve this goal, being the escape from reality, from that noisy routine, by means of a glance to that magic and transcendental art that can be established in a photograph much more simply if you use photographic backgrounds.

Everything in the back or background of the photograph ends up having an impact on the final impression it will have, since anyone as a spectator focuses on what is behind the protagonists, the atmosphere cannot be overlooked for any reason, it is an important attraction of the image.
The inspiration that is imposed within the conformation of a photo is what ends up differentiating a wonderful photo from an ordinary one, although each person always has the possibility of taking better shots, but this requires techniques and knowledge that a real photographer intuits quickly and efficiently.
The photographic backgrounds are a powerful visual technique that serves to perpetuate a scene through the use of the photographic backgrounds, it is a task of great complexity, since they must know how to use based on knowledge, external factors, but above all the dedication to bring to reality a simple idea, which obeys a different plane of expression for a lifetime as a photo.
The photos end up being one of the ways to express who they are, to fix a concept, so when you create a scene, you must think about everything you want to transmit, since it will serve as inspiration for every spectator who observes them, whether it is to instill some feeling or to want to obtain a similar image.
What is really important is the birth of a new way of seeing external factors, of containing them in a visual retention like a photo, since it is in charge of tracing everything that is in front of it, that is why a background transmits a lot of the intention of the imposed scene.
Handmade photographic backgrounds:
We are known for decades for making photographic backgrounds from our workshop in Spain and distributing them to countries around the world. Our photographic backgrounds are of the highest quality as this is the maxim we follow to satisfy the needs of professional photographers.
Backsceneart’s photographic backgrounds have to pass different quality tests before they reach the professional photographers. We care about you, it is the way we have to preserve the prestige of our photographic backgrounds factory.
And if you want to give the best image possible and look like the best photographer, you only have to buy the best backgrounds possible and for that you can buy white background photography as one of the classic elements when making a traditional photo. Or you can also buy backgrounds with other styles, wooden photographic backgrounds, hand-painted photographic backgrounds and many other motifs.
Nowadays there are many physical stores and also online that have a great variety of photographic backgrounds of different styles, sizes and motives, you just have to enter the web and find the best option that suits you.
The rental of funds for photography is a good option if you can not acquire or buy fabric for photographic background either because you have no money, you do not have to worry, because you can make a rental of funds for photography, there are currently people or companies dedicated to providing a low price backdrop for photo studio.

Siempre there will be an alternative to have a good photographic background, no matter the occasion they will have backgrounds for children’s photographs, backgrounds for baptismal photographs and also backgrounds for professional communion photos. That option is undoubtedly the rental of funds for photography.
What is at first sight often is not all that can be extracted from a scene, that is to say that the photographer is inclined to be able to obtain beyond the visible thing, even to invent what there is not, but realizing an ample combination of elements and photographic bottoms, to finish arming an entire imposition of a scene.
The interaction between the human talent of the photographer and the external elements play at the moment of perpetuating a shot, which will undoubtedly be dominated by each of the details that make it up, the actions will end up being reflected in the exposure of sensations of the photographic backgrounds that can emerge from a scene.
A complete structure of an image is reduced until a background that matches the idea of the photograph is achieved, since it cannot be out of tune for any reason, everything must take on the same meaning as if it were an orchestra, everything will work in favour of the realization of a perfect shot.
Perfection implies not leaving anything out, having most of the elements covered, that’s why the intervention of a photographer doesn’t end, but from the moment he gets an idea for a photograph using photographic backgrounds, a whole tangible design is set in motion in order to extract the best of a reality under the reduction of a scene.
buy photographic background
When the photos are taken, they can also be used as props for photographers. These are real pieces of furniture or objects that are closely related to the message that you want to convey with the photo, they give it the necessary enhancement, that is, they are a fundamental complement or accessory that will make each photo different and unique. Photography backgrounds must be chosen meticulously, since both the subject and the background used if not used in the right way, can make the viewer lose interest or simply detract from it at a certain moment.
Ya whether you work indoors or outdoors, you should always make a good combination between the main subject and the photographic background to be used.
Photography backgrounds are often used to obtain Children’s Photography and/or Baptismal Photography, just to mention a few examples.
The only latent truth within a photograph, is the freedom of criteria that can be added in its interpretation, because if the message reaches the viewers, this is due to a task accomplished, to be extremely authentic and sincere with each of his creations, where the concept must be widely maintained.

An environment can be made up of different faces and photographic backgrounds, but what should prevail above all is the photographer’s intention of wanting to highlight the initial inspiration, since if it is a dark or Gothic projection, it must of course be reborn from that idea, and continue to move towards other elements that match the theme.
A good photograph is one that causes you to see again and again, since it causes enormous pleasure, you can feel the creativity in all the corners that compose it, that is why it is considered as art itself, which is very valued nowadays, since every fact must be supported by a good photograph or it did not exist.
rent photographic background
Renting funds for photography is a service that from backstage we make available to our customers. It is a really interesting option… it is as simple as accessing the Photography Background Rental section and selecting the product you wish to rent. We will send it to you so that you can use it for the period you need and when you finish your session you will only have to return the photographic funds.
The service of Rent of bottoms for photography also contemplates the option that if after using the bottom for photographers you want to remain the product alone you have to indicate it.
No you doubt in visiting the section of “Rent of bottoms for photography”, we have a great variety of bottoms of study for photographers and we are convinced that you will find the one that you were looking for.
The technical guidelines that are imposed within the gestation of a photograph are part of the daily work of a photographer, in addition to having complements such as photographic backgrounds to ensure the scenery of the place, for it is drawn as a mental planning or evidence of how it will be or what you need.
To live with a beautiful purpose, is to be able to arm a whole scene aesthetically, since it is like creating piece by piece each one of the accessories that an image needs to be able to happen to be an expression of quality, enhancing the style or the thematic one on the reality and baptized for the posterity by means of the portrait.
The importance of several photographic backgrounds that a photographer implements various resources on the formation of an image, end up being vital resources for the capture can come to life, is a necessary step to produce a noticeable difference in the physical and in the digitalization of some scene in mind.
photographic paper background
And to have a photographic background Christmas you can choose to buy fabric background photography, is a good choice when you want to make a setting or when taking some pictures of Christmas. The photographies of Christmas habitually are realized inside a study of photography and therefore it is necessary that you have a photographic fund Christmas.
Years and years of experience have shown us the right way to satisfy our customers. In Backsceneart we know that the Christmas photographic fund is one of the most demanded photographic funds by professional photographers.
Little by little all the indispensable details of a photograph are emerging, since everything can be ready, but when the inspiration knocks on the door, the photographer can have that eagerness to perfect the situation even more, that is to say, it always falls on his hands that possibility, being a responsibility on his talent to enhance the art.
Realizar a commitment with the establishment of a perfect photography, also consists of putting attention or interest on the most minimum detail and taking care of photographic bottoms, that is to say if it is a dark shot, it is possible to give light with a bottom of a dusk, something that turns out to be inspiring inside the photo and can heighten the protagonists who conform it.
One of the invaluable feelings for this purpose is the dedication so that everything can be combined, from the slightest thing like that gesture of a smile, together with the background, because if it is a gloomy subject, of course there can’t be a gesture of joy, that is to say the relationship is enormous when it comes to capturing some scene.
The maximum current expression falls on a simple photograph, since the feelings that can be deposited in the same one are wide, instead of having to detail or to specify what is manifesting, only it is enough to orientate your senses towards the photography to extract your own conclusions of the same one.
The only existing security within the application of photographic backgrounds, is that there will be no comparison, that is to say, being designed for this purpose, you are sure that it will be an iconic or classic reflection of some situation or feeling, and it is precisely this seal of authenticity that ends up being a sample of originality in a photo.

Without a doubt what is demanded today is to capture first class photographs, this is possible through the timely application of good knowledge along with creative alternatives using photographic backgrounds to be able to recreate any idea in mind.
photographic studio background
If you are not sure where to buy photo backgrounds, buying photo background fabric is a good option when you want to give your photos a photo background. And there is nothing better to enhance the photos you make, is to place the best funds for studio photography, they can be found on the web, just put in the search engine and immediately get a timely response.
Puedes use several options, only these must be adapted to your budget, from fabric to the most sophisticated materials that will give the photos a professional finish helped by photographic backgrounds.
The photo studio backgrounds are those used to make sense of the photos, you can use in the photo sessions various backgrounds, such as paper, vinyl and fabric, each of them gives a different touch to each photo taken.
The photo studio background is one of the elements that newborn or communion photographers look for most when doing their photo sessions indoors. When making a photograph you have to keep in mind that it is made with the intention of transmitting sensations to a spectator, that is why the photographic background must have certain characteristics, which will make them unique and exceptional.
At the time of choosing photographic backgrounds, you must consider the framing of them, since it is not only a photographic background, it is more than that, since people, the sun, objects, among others, can influence them. Photography backgrounds are varied and if you are new to the subject, don’t worry, there are canvas backgrounds for photography, backgrounds for gastronomy, folding backgrounds for photography and some others that are usually used depending on what you want to convey.
Each particle of a photograph has its own story, so the background is no exception, it speaks of where the protagonists are, of a place, of a temporality, of an occasion based on the light, the brightness, the depth, among all kinds of variants that make possible the establishment of a transcendental moment in a photo.
The emotions reside in the photographic backgrounds and no element of reality can be left aside at the moment of constructing a photograph, since it is precisely a matter of taking into account everything that contributes to the gestation of the photograph, which is why the function of the photographic backgrounds is important from all aesthetic aspects above all.
El environment or ambience has repercussions in a wide decoration with what is had in mind, that is to say in becoming that maximum expression of the reality, but this time under an identity or concept that tries to establish it, everything is in the hands of the photographer and of the way in which he focuses the above mentioned creativity.
Behind the smallest detail, there is the eternal desire of a feeling, which can be preserved or staged by means of a photograph, instead of using words, the visual effect in the photographic backgrounds becomes more meaningful for many, since it is easy to digest, adapting to any sample or manifestation present in a clear way.
Likewise it can serve to impose all kinds of preferences people, hidden details on the photograph, everything that is necessary to carry a message, because if reference is made to an old fact, of course the background must be a clear sign of old site or at least covered with elements that resemble that reality.
photographic studio backgrounds
The background for professional photography is the main element in the case of a photography studio, there are a variety of photographic backgrounds such as vinyl background photography, backgrounds for professional communion photos, others. The vinyl backgrounds are made of a material very similar to plastic, is easy to clean and is usually characterized by a brightness which gives the photos a particular touch.

It also has the wood photo background, hand-painted photo backgrounds and many other backgrounds for professional photography, it just depends on you and the resources you have for your Christmas campaigns.
Everything that corresponds to a visual fact, a multimedia sample, will be the greatest palpable reflection of reality, besides a sample that there is a beauty beyond your reach, to be able to capture it an outbreak of inspiration is required, the rest will be to take out the maximum of the conditions imposed as just out of a movie.
No matter how much time goes by, the sensations and the reflection of a photo are preserved, this is the magic of making this type of projections, since they seem to go on forever, and that’s the way it is, you can’t erase all the sensations that are transmitted, that’s why it implies traveling and imagining being in that precise moment.
An indescribable trace in each image is the photographic background
Anyone in the viewer’s place cannot deny that when they look at a photograph where photographic backgrounds have been used, they end up looking different from another shot. It is as if an aesthetic authenticity abounds, but at the same time everything is magically clear.
In this initiative lies the importance of a photographer, in that he can shape all the circumstances that can be manifested in a scene, he can transform any object or situation into a real film frame, he is just an artist in exposing the maximum potential of an idea towards an eternal reality.
La invaluable beauty of a scene with photographic backgrounds is what can never be lost in a photographic scene is the intervention of aesthetics, as it is what highlights any ordinary shot towards an unforgettable fact for the viewers, being the main purpose of anyone who loves photography, bringing them together under the same sense, the same consequence of impacting everyone.
Besides, it is an enormous advantage to group all the conditions that are manifested in an image, since the naturalness of each one of the protagonists depends on this, since it feels more secure when all the existing aspects are called, which makes it easier for everything to cooperate to make a difference.
By having good photographic backgrounds, one contributes to being able to preserve in time that comfort with the environment and the circumstances themselves, in a complete sum of elements covered by the photographer, feeling ample empathy for what the spectators seek at all times to find in a capture.
photographers’ backgrounds
Not to mention vinyl backgrounds for photographic studios, since they are a good option when used in a photographic studio. Nowadays there are vinyl factories that make photographic backgrounds or manufacture vinyl according to your needs, that is, they manufacture them according to the measurements you require.
Don’t forget to take advantage of this material, which is ideal for taking the best photos, with the best finishes, that your clients will like, taking the quality of the photos for granted.
In this sense you can not miss having a photographer who cares about keeping covered each of these details, since in the end you can feel surprising visual results of the photographic backgrounds, as a background says a lot about a good picture in every way.
In several opportunities you will have observed some background where there was some oversight, which ends up eliminating the cleanliness of the photograph, as any viewer ends up distracting in locating and identifying that omission, this should certainly be avoided at all costs, so having committed professionals is avoided.

The construction of a magical moment starts from minor to major, that is to say if you don’t take care of those aspects that could damage in a definitive way the impression of your capture, it will be an irreversible damage to what it is intended to cause, it will be all the opposite, for that reason previous to the bottom, it is necessary to see the elements that conform it until the protagonist.
Although this very meticulous but important task can be done by a real expert in this field of photographic backgrounds, it is only necessary to express and identify in a clear and precise idea what you want to obtain, but without any doubt the environment provides most of the conditions that can be observed in a photograph.
All focus in the end is reflected in the photographer’s own style, because if he has experience on different topics, it will not be difficult to take over the scene with each of his ideas, so the other accessories end up being an accompaniment to a whole planning for a major project.
Every concern for inspiration ends up being a controlled scene behind photographic backgrounds, where there will not be any excess or lack, everything is directed under a fair balance that allows to cause an extremely important impression, leaving a spectator without words ends up being the main objective of any photographer.
In the end, the photograph itself is the one that must speak for itself, it is crucial or important to stand out in the sensations that can be sown in those who are on the other side watching it, it must be an exact recreation of a work inspired by the desires of some petition or under that real art that is characteristic of each photographer.
All that is expected from the photographic backgrounds is that they can radiate the same emotion that is imposed within the concept or theme, in the same way it cannot surpass the protagonist, therefore there are approaches and lights that join to leave the center of attention well established within any shot.
Nothing can be overlooked when it comes to a photograph, since there is no written data present to erase, but quite the opposite, everything in front of the camera lens is exposed, therefore nothing can be hidden, any element must be previously controlled and used for a particular purpose.


Take a look at some of the following photographs, we are sure that they will be the inspiration you need for your next campaigns.



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